I use one egg to 2 sheets of matzo.

The following serves 3-4 people:

Break up 4 sheets plain matzo into a large bowl. (Pieces should be small, but the matzo should not be in crumbs. Pieces should range from the size of a large corn flake to a small snack cracker.) Boil the kettle. Pour boiling water over the matzo until it is saturated, but there is no standing water in the bowl. Add two eggs and salt, pepper, and onion powder (if desired) to taste.

Add a thin layer of vegtable oil to a heavy medium-sized skillet. Heat until medium-hot. Pour matzo mixture into skillet and spread around like a thick omelet. Brown for maybe 4-5 minutes; then turn. (Turning hint: Take the sharp edge of your spatula and slice the matzo pie into fourths; then turn each fourth.) Brown other side for a few minutes.

Top with low fat sour cream or fruit preserves and enjoy.