Take 6 to 8 sheets of matzoh and break it up into pieces the size of a cracker. Pour boiling water over the broken pieces until they are consistently soggy. Drain and press all the water out of the colender. Place drained Matzoh into large bowl.

In a large skillet, melt about 1/4 stick of butter.

While butter is melting, break 4 or 5 eggs into the drained matzoh and mix throughily. Add lots and lots of fresh ground black pepper and some Kosher salt to taste.

Pour mixture into fry pan, lower heat to a low-meduim flame and let fry until crispy brown. Turn all the matzoh over and fry the other side. I don't like it soggy, so I break it all up and fry all parts of the matzoh mixture. Others do it like a pancake, but I'm not sure all the egg gets cooked that way.

Eat when hot hot hot, with salt and applesauce on the side.