Beat eggs and fat, add salt and gum to potatoes and add to the eggs. Add stock, mix well and chill for 20-30 minutes. Wet hands and form into balls; drop onto plate and steam covered for 20 minutes. (or cook in simmering soup for 20 minutes)

NOTES: Here is the "matzah free" matzah balls recipe. It came from the gluten free pantry recipe sheet, but I tinkered a bit when I made it because I wasn't sure if xantham gum is KLP or not (I omitted it). I tried making this with 1/2 ground almonds and 1/2 potato and they turned out ok. I found that I needed to add alot more potato and almonds to make it stiffer, so fiddle around with the quantities. I was also doing the fat free thing last year and tried with just egg whites it wasn't as good. I also added in some soda water (I think you call it club/ seltzer soda) instead of chicken stock and this made then a bit lighter.