The following is from "Jewish Cookery," by Florence Greenberg, who used to be the premier Jewish-cookbook author in the UK. The ingredients are similar to the recipes submitted by Annice. There are some differences in preparation, so I thought I would offer this recipe as a complement. ("Ingberlach" is plural Yiddish diminutive, BTW.)

Scrape and wash the carrots, then grate on a fine grater. Put into a saucepan with the sugar. Place over an asbestos mat and stir over a very gentle heat till the sugar has dissolved. Then, continue cooking *very slowly* till all moisture is absorbed and the mixture is very thick, keeping it very well stirred. Test a little on a plate and, when it sets hard, add the nuts and ginger and remove from the heat.

Spread on a damp board. When cool, mark with a knife. When cold, break into pieces along the marks.