Here is a recipe for imber that I got from my mother, who got it from her mother who arrived in this country in 1891, who got it from her mother. Further back I can't verify, but I guess it goes back further in Russia from whence they came.

Boil honey, add farfel gradually, ginger to taste (be careful with tasting, it's very hot!) then nuts. Brown on big light then add a little water (I don't use such a big light and don't add water, mom did) Brown. ( Its hard to give a time. If it's soft it's hard to handle but is easier on the teeth and fillings. It hardens as it cools, so be careful.) Put on a wet wooden board (really soaking wet). Spread with a spatula, cover with more nuts and ginger. ( Here you can make up for stinginess in earlier adding of ginger.) When somewhat cooler, cut into diamond shapes (Cut straight lines one way and diagonal lines accross.) Put on a plate cover with wax paper and more nuts. This candy, which I stil make for my extended family, is either adored or hated by people. I have never known anyone to be neutral about it. If your family likes it, it can easily be doubled or tripled. It never comes out exactly the same twice because of variations in the honey and the cooking tmes. I fear for my fillings, so err on the soft side, but that can be overdone.

Hints: Honey boils up alot, so use a very large pot. Honey can burn easily so watch it evey minute and keep stirring preferably with a wooden spoon that will not conduct the heat. Don't be afraid of it, just be careful.